Customized dental appointments with no waiting time

At Smile Bay Dental Care,  we know that you have a busy schedule. Between work, meetings, family time, and running errands, there’s barely time in your busy day to breathe, let alone schedule a lengthy dental appointment. That’s why we ensure that all of our patients have customized appointments that ensure all of their questions are answered, without taking up additional valuable time.

That means within minutes of walking into the waiting room, you’ll be seen by our doctors– and you won’t be sitting there, thumbing through magazines and waiting for your name to be called.

What’s more, we’ll even let you know how long your appointment is going to take when you call us to book. That way, you’ll walk into our dental studio knowing precisely how much time your appointment is going to take, without encountering any nasty surprises.

Our staff members will work hard to ensure that your dental appointment meets your scheduling needs. No matter how busy you might be, we’ll ensure that your visit is convenient, timely, and perfect.

It’s just another way we work harder to ensure you’re thrilled with the general and cosmetic dentistry services available.