Behavior concerns

Most children who are old enough to understand what is going on (older than three) behave very well during their examination. You can assure your child before their visit that we will show them and tell them about everything we do before we do it. Children usually do quite well with this approach and can relax knowing that there will not be any unpleasant surprises.

Children who are extremely nervous, have special needs, or are too young to understand what is going on may cry. Please understand that this is their way of telling you that they would rather be somewhere else. For these children we may enlist your help during the exam. We want the experience to be positive for your child and we will do what needs to be done in a caring and efficient manner. If your child seems particularly anxious or non-compliant Dr. Lodaya will discuss with you numerous options for helping to manage this behavior for future appointments so that their experiences are as positive as possible.