Healthy Snacking

Healthy school lunches are a very important part of the school day. Why not inspire your children to bring to school some fun and healthy lunches? Involve them with menu planning, shopping and preparing meals. Children who feel they have had a part in preparing their lunches will be more likely to eat them and less inclined to trade with their friends. Let them pick out five or six lunch items they really like and build on those.Offer a new food with a familiar one. Applaud adventurous eating. Cut foods in different ways (i.e. carrot sticks one day and carrot coins another). Allow your children to choose a special food from time to time. Teach them the difference between everyday foods and occasional foods. Rely less on processed, packaged foods and replace them with fresh foods whenever possible. In time, your children will start making healthy choices on their own. Remember most kids will skip foods that take a lot of effort to eat.