Medical Emergency

Prepared to Handle any Medical Emergencies that may occur in the Dental Office

A medical emergency in the dental office may be an unexpected event that can include accidental or willful bodily injury, central nervous system stimulation and depression, respiratory and circulatory disturbances, as well as allergic reactions.

We, through our academic, clinical and continuing education, are familiar with the prevention, diagnosis, and management of common emergencies. In addition, we provide appropriate training to our staff so that each person knows what to do and can act promptly. Since these skills are not used every day, regular review is necessary: at least annually but preferably more often. We Conduct mock emergencies that may help office staff to be more confident with their roles when a real emergency occurs. As a result, we dentists and our staff are prepared to recognize, respond and effectively manage a medical emergency.

The components of a sound medical emergency plan in our dental office include:

  • Medical emergency prevention
  • Development of an action plan
  • Recognizing a patient’s distress and management of medical emergencies
  • Emergency drugs and equipment